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  • C1301 Blackboard Master Agreement 3-18-13

    This Master Agreement, for the acquisition of a hosted alert notification system for time-sensitive and outreach notifications, is entered into by and between Blackboard Connect Inc. located at 650 Massachusetts Ave NW, 6

    Dedicated Application Hosting

    WebCT/Blackboard and Desire2Learn course management systems. Moodle is also available under our standard web-hosting service.

  • Oklahoma State University

    The Service Catalog defines and categorizes the Information Technology services provided to the Oklahoma State University community. A general description is provided for each service along with other helpful information such as availability,

  • OneNet

    OneNet’s mission is to advance technology across Oklahoma. OneNet enhances economic growth by meeting the mission-critical needs of our state’s education, research, health care and public service communities.

  • SSL Certificate

    The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a commonly-used protocol for managing the security of a message transmission on the Internet. SSL has recently been succeeded by Transport Layer Security (TLS), which is based on SSL.

  • Team Collaboration Sites

    Team Collaboration Sites offer a web-based collaboration platform using Microsoft SharePoint that incorporates document management, sharing, editing and workflow, shared calendars and task lists, as well as functions for managing collaborative

  • University of Oklahoma

    Explore our service offerings and request the services you need through a simple check-out process.

    Submit support requests or track and manage your open incidents using OU IT's incident management system.

  • Web Hosting

    OneNet provides a sophisticated web hosting platform. Internet clients can host one website on OneNet servers.